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Ronix Wakesurf Shaper Concave Suction Cup Blade


The hottest product to hit wakesurfing since we created the first wakesurfer. These devices easily mount to the lower/ back point of the starboard or port side of your boat hull to disrupt the water flow for a premier surf wake on either side. We have tested every aspect from surfing, using waterski boats, crossover boats, older V-Drives, newer V-Drives, - one thing is constant, this is a game changer. In addition to turning wakes into swells - the best part is you no longer have to weight your boat unevenly. Gone are the days of filling and draining your bags to the port or starboard side - keep it all in the center. There has never has been this type of aftermarket innovation that can so easily be mounted to the side of the hull - that makes this kind of difference. With built in handle it is easy to move to either side of your boat, and is best paired with a loaded Eight.3 Ballast System.